Algaeba @ Hatch 2019

The future of aquaculture already started here in Hawaii, USA


Algaeba @ Hatch 2019

CEO/CTO/COO of Algaeba all participated in Hatch program in Hawaii, USA.


Algaeba @ Hatch 2019

Algaeba – Hatch on 1-on-1 meeting

26 Aug 2019, Big Island, Hawaii

Algaeba started the participation in Hatch 2019, the world 1st aquaculture startup accelerator, this year in Big Island, Hawaii.

The day started with the networking with other teams including
1) Algaeba : Thailand : Automated hatchery platform
2) Catchatrade : Ireland : B2B seafood platform
3) Dynaspace : Norway : Algal bloom detection and alarm using satellite data
4) Feedvax : Argentina : Oral vaccine through feed starting with Tilapia
5) Gaskiya : USA : Paper-based method to detect disease in shrimp and other sea creatures
6) Genetirate : USA : High-growth rate screening through non-destructive genetic method
7) Impact-9 : Ireland : Novel off-shore structure for aquaculture
8) Kinnva : Singapore : Single cell biomass from methane with application to replace fish meal in aquaculture feed
9) Kuehnle AgroSystems : USA : Better products from algae and botanicals
10) Montana Microbial : USA : Protein concentrate from barley to replace fish meal and soybean meal
11) NS2 : Portugal : Nitrogen Sensing Solution : Novel biosensor to detect / measure Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate
12) Symbrosia : USA : Macroalgae as feed additive to reduce methane production in dairy farm
13) Univiv : Ireland : Archaea for aquaculture pond conditioning

Then Hatch introduced themselves to all participants including all core team members and trainees.

After that, Hatch cohorts and Hatch met with Hawaiian community for blessing and networking. Then, Algaeba and other teams gave a 3-5 mins pitching to the audience so that they know what each team do.

The day ended with 1-on-1 meeting between Algaeba and Hatch team.


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